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Cleaning Enhanced Chiller Tubes

Use RYDLYME to clean enhanced tubes where mechanical cleaning can't!

Let RYDLYME descale what others can't

In recent years, many chiller OEM’s have moved to producing their equipment with enhanced copper tubes. These tube enhancements (AKA “rifling”) create a more efficient heat transfer rate, averaging between 12%-15% improvement over traditional tubes.

As mineral scale develops, the tubes become less efficient in transferring heat. 1/32” of scale can cause a 10% drop in efficiency, so even a small amount of scale can cause the enhanced tubes to lose their advantage over traditional tubes.

Mechanical cleaning with rods and brushes is an ineffective way to clean these types of tubes, because most of the mechanical cleaning attachments are unable to clean out the enhancements of the tube. This method of cleaning will leave a thin layer of scale behind. Using RYDLYME to clean these units will remove the scale from the tube enhancements completely, returning the unit to its maximum efficiency level. Other advantages over mechanical cleaning include: RYDLYME works much faster than brushing or rodding, RYDLYME is effective even on hard deposits and safe to dispose of!

Evaporative Condensers/Fluid Coolers

An evaporative condenser is designed to condense a refrigerant gas and a fluid cooler cools process water contained on the inside of the units tubes. The water is circulated from the basin located at the bottom of the unit up to the top and distributed by spray nozzles to optimize tube cooling coverage. The spray nozzles will distribute the water evenly over the tube bundle located mid section on the inside of the unit. The fan on the top of the unit is used to pull air through the side louvers, enhancing evaporation, resulting in further cooling of the water during its decent to the basin.

Scale deposits form on the exterior tube surfaces of a heat exchange coil, which acts as an insulating barrier. The ultimate result is inadequate cooling, overworked machinery, and expensive, inefficient operation. Scale also restricts the spray coverage of the nozzles at the top of the unit, resulting in the water not flowing over the entire tube surface. This will cause channeling and further minimizing cooling capacity. A scaled evaporative condenser or fluid cooler cannot efficiently cool the water or condense the refrigerant gas inside the tubes.

Studies have shown a scale thickness of only 1/32” will reduce the heat transfer coefficient of an evaporative condenser by approximately 16%! Reduction of efficiency directly relates to added energy consumption and higher energy bills. This is where the RYDLYME comes into action! As RYDLYME comes in contact with the deposits, it effectively dissolves them into solution, thus removing that insulating barrier and re-establishing the equipment efficiency. For directions to perform a simple RYDLYME cleaning, please refer to the procedure in this brochure.


When isolating and cleaning just the barrel on a chiller, this chart will assist the technician in ascertaining the correct amount of RYDLYME required. RYDLYME, when circulated through the tubes, will completely clean the tubes, including the enhancements. A RYDLYME cleaning will insure optimal efficiency is restored, bringing approach temperatures down to “as designed” specifications. When cleaning a chiller barrel, add the recommended amount of RYDLYME per the chart, then flood the remainder of the bundle with water to obtain circulation.

Circulate the RYDLYME and water solution through the lowest point of the bundle and return out a high point. If the return point you are planning to use is below the top tubes of the barrel, make sure your return hose is elevated above the highest point of the bundle. This step will insure all the high side tubes are flooded and cleaned and avoid the potential of them becoming air bound. After circulating RYDLYME for the prescribed time and determining the tube bundle is clean, always perform a thorough water flush of the bundle.

RYDLYME Chiller Usage Chart

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