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Eliminating odors from cheese and dairy facility



A specialty cheese manufacturer in Wisconsin had an ongoing odor problem since installing a wastewater treatment system, which includes a 4,000-gallon wastewater sludge tank. The primary odor problem was coming from the sludge tank, which was pumped out and taken off-site about once a week.
The odor emanating from the wastewater process was a source of complaint from neighboring facilities and businesses, as well as from the town's police headquarters five miles away!

RYDALL OE  approach

  • 12 ounces of RYDALL OE  per day, dispensed 1 ounce per hour over a 12 hour work day.
  • Injected via small metering pump into waste stream prior to sludge tank at 100 ppm.

RYDALL OE  results

  • Strong, pungent odor from wastewater process was almost completely eliminated after just two days!
  • Injecting RYDALL OE  prior to reaching the tank allowed it to properly mix, as well as have some retention time.
  • Plant Manager stated, "We've had no phone calls from the police or fire department, and none of our neighbors have complained since using RYDALL OE.  We are very pleased with the result and will continue to use the product to control odor."
  • With such a positive result from the sludge portion of the wastewater process, the plant is now evaluating the use of RYDALL OE  to help control an issue they have with high BOD's in the main waste stream. They have a daily BOD limit of 1000 mg/L that is frequently surpassed. 

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