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RYDALL CC Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Is RYDALL CC  an outdoor or indoor coil cleaner?
A: RYDALL CC  can be used both INDOORS and OUTDOORS eliminating the need for two different cleaners!

Q:  How much RYDALL CC  should I use for my 6-8 row finned coils?
A:  It depends on the severity of buildup on your coils. Generally, the cubic footage of the coils multiplied by .05 (5%) will result in the amount of RYDALL CC  you need. Just make sure you dilute 1:2 (1 part RYDALL CC to 2 parts water) with water for best results.


Q:  My current coil cleaner has made the rubber membrane on my roof brittle and now it is showing signs of leaking. Will the same thing happen if I use RYDALL CC?
A:  When used as directed, the unique RYDALL CC  formula is designed to effectively clean indoor and outdoor air conditioning units including rooftop units without corroding rubber or other materials.

Q:  After I spray RYDALL CC  on my coils, how long does it take to work?
A:  Most applications only take 20 minutes of soaking, depending on the severity of buildup.


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