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RYDALL CX Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Is it necessary to elevate the temperature of RYDALL CX  and if so, to what temperature?
A: Yes. Almost all chemical reactions work better under elevated temperatures. For best results, RYDALL CX  should be used between 170°-195°F.

Q:  My crude oil does not contain any pyrophoric corrosion products like iron sulfides. Can I still use RYDALL CX?
A:  No, but we have other biodegradable products that are more suited for your application, as well as many others. You can Contact Us for more information.

Q:  How can RYDALL CX  be biodegradable when non-biodegradable contaminants, such as oil deposits, are mixed together after a cleaning?
A:  RYDALL CX  is designed to be split-phasing. So even though it is not biodegradable immediately after cleaning, after some retention time the oil deposits will separate from the solution allowing it to be removed and properly disposed. The remaining solution and water can now be safely disposed per plant and local regulations.

Q:  Any amount of downtime is detrimental to our company. How soon can I get RYDALL CX?
A:  We always have RYDALL CX  and our other products in stock at our headquarters in Chicago ready for immediate shipment.



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