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Q: How cost-effective is RYDALL HD  compared to other cleaners or degreasers?
A:  RYDALL HD  is highly concentrated with most applications requiring only 10-50% aqueous dilution of the total volume of the fouled equipment giving you more bang for your buck.

Q: RYDALL HD  works great on my fouled oil bundles, but can it be use on other surfaces or applications?
A:  Of course! As a heavy-duty degreaser, RYDALL HD  is excellent at removing the heaviest of hydrocarbons (e.g. tars; cokes; varnishes) from virtually any surface.

Q:  I have used RYDALL HD  at ambient temperatures and it worked well. Is it really necessary to increase the temperature?
A:  For optimal results, we recommend that RYDALL HD  should be heated to 140°-160°F at a flow rate of 90-140 gpm.



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