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RYDALL MP in Action




The following case studies are just a sampling of how RYDALL MP  has helped companies save money, time and equipment. For recent news about RYDALL MP  and our other products, you can go to our News page!


RYDALL MP  doing its part in recycling

A waste management company in Canada was experiencing problems removing contaminants from plastic containers that were being cleaned to prepare them for recycling. RYDALL MP  was recommended as a solution to these problematic contaminants.

RYDALL MP approach

  • RYDALL MP  was diluted (10:1) into the parts washer, heated to approximately 120°F and sprayed onto the contaminated plastic for approximately 1 hour, followed by a water rinse.

RYDALL MP results

  • Setup allowed good coverage on material passing through, cleaning each thoroughly for recycling.


RYDALL MP  cuts through grease, oil and grime at power plant

A municipal power plant in the Midwest was looking for a better cleaning solution to remove grease, oil and grime from engines and parts throughout its facility. Dissatisfied with previous results from other methods, the plant agreed to try RYDALL MP

RYDALL MP approach

  • Plant purchased a 55-gallon drum.  After diluting the RYDALL MP  solution, it was sprayed on engines and components then wiped clean.

RYDALL MP results

  • RYDALL MP  successfully removed the oil and grease buildup quickly and proved to be more effective than previous cleaners.


Oil/carbon buildup no match for RYDALL MP

An industrial cleaning contractor in Iowa was looking for a way to remove heavy oil/carbon buildup on a mixer they had received from a tire manufacturing plant. Due to the severity of the buildup, a 1:1 mixture of RYDALL MP  was recommended to tackle this job.

RYDALL MP approach

  • 5 gallons of RYDALL MP  diluted (1:1), sprayed on equipment, soaked for 20-30 minutes and rinsed with water.
  • Total cleaning time, including cleanup of wash bay, was 1 hour.

RYDALL MP results

  • Effectively cut through and removed heavy buildup in a short amount of time.




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