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RYDALL MP Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  How long after spraying RYDALL MP  can I clean my equipment?
A:  For best results, let RYDALL MP  attack the problem area between 20-60 seconds before wiping and/or rinsing the equipment clean. Depending on the severity of the grease buildup or stain, additional applications may be necessary.

Q:  Does RYDALL MP  need to be used 100% concentration or can it be diluted?
A:  Depending on the application and severity of the buildup, RYDALL MP  can be diluted all the way down to a 1:30 ratio. In most applications, RYDALL MP  can be diluted to a 1:1 ratio. Please see the Applications page for recommended dilution ratios for a wide array of applications.

Q:  After my RYDALL MP  sits for a long time, a white powdery substance appears at the bottom of the container. Does this affect its performance or effectiveness?
A:  After a while, the elements that make up RYDALL MP  may settle to the bottom of the container. This does not affect its performance or effectiveness. Simply shake the container before use and it is ready to go.

If you have additional questions, please Contact Us to speak with one of our technicians.


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