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RYDALL OE and Composting



RYDALL OE Odor Eliminator: The Environmentally Beneficial Solution to Eliminating Odors at Composting Facilities!


Eliminate Odors Naturally (Without the Use of Masking Agents, Essential Oils or Active Enzymes).

The compost industry is experiencing rapid growth as cities and municipalities expand their organics diversion programs. This expansion results in current facilities increasing their size and capacity as well as the siting of new facilities. The benefits that these facilities provide is essential to our waste management programs and to our stewardship of the environment. While the consensus is that these facilities are good, there is one thing that can quickly endanger a composter’s operation. ODOR!

Failure to manage odors during the entire composting operation is the most common cause of bad publicity, regulatory complications and facility shutdowns. Every facility that operates in proximity to community residents, should have a comprehensive odor management plan to mitigate the odor sources before they become problematic. RYDALL OE should be an integral part of your comprehensive plan.

RYDALL OE Advantages:

  • A non-active biocatalyst that reduces or eliminates odors at the source.
  • Completely natural, this environmentally beneficial product energizes the decomposition process.
  • Apply during pre-processing, processing, composting, curing, screening and storage.
  • Can be used as an integral part of your odor management program or spot applied as needed.
  • Beneficial to all types of composting operations and other facilities where odor control is required.

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