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RYDALL VP Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What does the “VP” in RYDALL VP  stand for?
It stands for “vapor phase” meaning RYDALL VP  can be applied in circulation or vapor phase applications.

Q:  The cleaner we currently use has a pH value between 10-12. What is the pH value of RYDALL VP?
A:  RYDALL VP  has a pH value of approximately 7 or a neutral pH.

Q:  What is the advantage of using RYDALL VP  in vapor phase rather than circulation?
The addition of RYDALL VP  to the saturated steam injection (vapor phase) enhances and speeds up the removal of the contaminants in your system.

Q:  When using RYDALL VP  as a degasser, what happens to the gases?
A:  The gases are simply mixed in with RYDALL VP  and saturated steam with everything exiting out the flare system.


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