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RYDALL DD removes oil buildup on heat exchangers





A Midwest glass manufacturer had severe oil buildup within the tubes of its heat exchangers (6 feet long with an 8-inch diameter) that had accumulated over the course of a few years. The client was skeptical about the effectiveness of RYDALL DD Definitive Degreaser as they tried several other cleaners and degreasers in the past to no avail, but agreed to try it. 


RYDALL DD approach

  • Mixed only 20% of RYDALL DD  with 80% water and circulated via pump at 160 degrees for 4 hours.


RYDALL DD results

  • The baked-on oil was completely removed and client could see the actual metal of the tubes.
  • Client was "completely astounded by the results" also stating, "[RYDALL] DD made those tubes look brand new!"

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