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Job Highlights

  • Odors emanating from the open face of the landfill and leachate holding tanks were a nuisance to the surrounding community and resulted in costly fines!

  • Odors from the landfill and leachate holding tank were significantly reduced and fines ceased!

  • Much of the treated leachate was able to be recycled back into the system, thus reducing the frequency and costs of haul-off and WWTP fees!




Rydall OE eradicates odors from landfill & leachate holding tank!


A Florida landfill was experiencing significant odor issues from the open face of the landfill and its leachate holding tank. The odors were not only a nuisance for residents and businesses in the surrounding community, but also resulted in costly fines on a regular basis. Essential oils, fragrances and other masking agents were largely ineffective and proved not to be cost-effective.
After learning about the science behind RYDALL OE Odor Eliminator, as well as calculating the cost-savings, the landfill decided to use RYDALL OE in two phases. The first phase was to dilute 7 gallons of RYDALL OE into 3,500 gallons of water and apply it over the open face of the landfill on a daily basis. 
After approximately one week, the repugnant odors emanating from the landfill significantly decreased, putting an end to the regularly issued fines. To achieve further odor eradication and cost-savings, the second phase targeting the leachate was implemented. Approximately 65,000 gallons of leachate is collected daily and stored in an 80,000-gallon tank until hauled off to the local wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), adding significant costs for haul-off and WWTP fees.
In this second phase, approximately 13 gallons of RYDALL OE was added to the 65,000 gallons of leachate and retained for 24 hours. After the treatment, rather than having the leachate hauled off, this now odor-free leachate was able to be recycled back onto the landfill for further odor eradication without additional RYDALL OE  dosing. 
In addition to the elimination of fines and odor complaints, the landfill also saw substantial savings from reduced haul-off and WWTP fees for its leachate. The amount of RYDALL OE  needed on a daily basis to maintain the optimal level of odor control was also decreased as this non-active biocatalyst continued to work on all layers and areas of the landfill.

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