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RYDALL WO tackles odors on 13th hole





A Virginia golf course was experiencing a strong stench emanating from a multi-tiered pond that surrounded the normally picturesque par 3, 13th hole. The murky pond and unpleasant odor, which stemmed from rotting algae and putrid organic matter, became a distraction to golfers, as well as staff. 


RYDALL WO approach

  • 2 1/2 gallons of RYDALL WO were sprayed over the top-level of the pond (water from the top level 

    drains into the lower ponds) four times over a period of 30 days.

RYDALL WO results

  • 24 hours after the first application, the repugnant odor was completely gone and the staff even 
    saw an improvement in the clarity of the water!
  • After all four applications, more than 80% of the algae disappeared and water clarity improved from 
    3 inches to 4 feet!

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