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Job Highlights

  • Dropped BOD levels from 5,500 mg/l to only 75 mg/l!

  • Produced more than 100,000 gallons of supernate in less than two weeks!

  • Supernate was pumped back into waste system!

  • No solids were pressed or hauled off!

  • Controlled filamentous bacteria, eliminating foaming and other adverse effects!




Starch processor puts RYDALL WO to the test


A specialty starch processor in Maine was intrigued by the capabilities of RYDALL WO in reducing the amount of produced sludge and its effluent BOD levels. Apex provided a small sample of RYDALL WO  to the client for testing on a sample of its wastewater obtained from the sludge tank. 
Prior to the start of the test, the BOD level in the sample wastewater measured 5,500 mg/l. We recommended applying 200 ppm of RYDALL WO  to the sample and measuring the BOD level after a few days. After just six days, the BOD level dropped significantly, measuring only 75 mg/l! RYDALL WO  not only reduced the BOD level by nearly 99%, the client observed very healthy “bugs” under a microscope. The dramatic results from the test prompted the client to state, “I’ve been in this field for 10 years now, tried lots of stuff, and this sure is different!”

“I’ve been in this field for 10 years now,
tried lots of stuff, and this sure is different!”

As a result of this successful lab test, our client decided to take the next step… adding RYDALL WO  to its 350,000-gallon sludge tank. The client purchased a 55-gallon drum of RYDALL WO, which arrived at a time when his sludge tank was at maximum capacity and recovering from turning anaerobic due to bad starch the plant had processed. They had been running blowers constantly for two weeks, but were unable to settle the tank during this period. 
The client immediately added (2) gallons of RYDALL WO  to the sludge tank and after two days, they were amazed at immense growth in bugs and activity. An additional (2) gallons were added to the tank, and after the first week, they were able to shut off the blowers and release 22,000 gallons of supernate (releasable water)! 
At this point, the client let the system continue and during the second week, they were able to pump off an additional 100,000 gallons of supernate! After four weeks of RYDALL WO  being in the system, the bugs were still big and healthy. This resulted in a cost-savings for the client as no solids needed to be dewatered, pressed or hauled off! 
Further enhancing the wastewater treatment process and cost-savings, the exceptional quality of the supernate has allowed it to be pumped back to the beginning of the whole waste system. 
Additionally, RYDALL WO  effectively controlled the filamentous bacteria within the system, eliminating foaming and other adverse effects that usually occur with an overabundance of the filamentous bacteria, as well as the need for extensive and costly nutrient replacement to counteract those effects.

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