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RYDLYME cleans Bi-Carbonate System at paper plant





A major paper plant in Pennsylvania used RYDLYME to dissolve mineral deposits within its Bi-Carbonate System (Bi-Carb), which controls alkalinity in the plant’s process water system. The Bi-Carb produces scale buildup inside the mix and day tanks, plugging up the system’s pipes, strainers and other components.


RYDLYME approach

  • 125 gallons circulated via pump inside mix tank for 3 hours; solution then transferred to day tank and circulated throughout the rest of the system (closed-loop) for 6-8 hours.

RYDLYME results

  • After cleaning and water flush, scaling throughout the entire system was eliminated, returning it to peak operating efficiency.
  • Client plans to continue using RYDLYME in this cleaning application and is evaluating other applications in and around the plant where RYDLYME can be used.

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