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RYDLYME cleans blow down line from cooling tower system





A Canadian plastics and chemicals company, turned to RYDLYME to clean piping that has never been cleaned in its 30 years of service. The 5,000-foot carbon steel blow-down line from the plant’s main cooling tower system suffered from severe mineral scale that progressively increased over the years causing significant flow issues. The system has not been close to its designed flow rate of 125 gpm for several years...

2007: 83 gpm
2008: 79 gpm
2009: 70 gpm
2010: 66 gpm
2011: 57 gpm
2012: 52 gpm
2013: 37 gpm


RYDLYME approach

  • Given the length of the pipeline, a typical circulation was not practical. Two 5,000-gallon vacuum pump trucks were positioned at each end of the pipeline.
  • 1,980 gallons of RYDLYME were pumped back and forth for 8 hours allowing for optimal contact time, as well as constant movement throughout the pipeline.

RYDLYME results

  • Personnel at the plant watched the flow rate improve to its design rate of 125 gpm!
  • The team also saw improved functionality and quieter operation of the system pumps.
  • The cleaning created a lot of excitement within the plant as many other departments are looking into how they can use RYDLYME on other equipment (e.g. heat exchangers, chillers, air compressors, cooling towers, lime slurry systems and condensers)!

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