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RYDLYME Compressor Cleaning

RYDLYME Compressor Cleaning
RYDLYME Compressor Ceaning
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RYDLYME Compressor Cleaning

Let RYDLYME descale what others can't


A college’s compressors were having to work hard to maintain water temperature due to water scale build-up. 55 gallons of RYDLYME was circulated via the cooling tower’s inline pumps for a total of 4 hours. Prior to the initial cleaning both compressors were on-line operating at over 260 psi to maintain water temperature of 70°F. Following the initial cleaning, maintenance personnel at the school are able to maintain 70°F or better while alternating between compressors that are now operating more efficiently at 165 psi!


 This BAC tower will now be cleaned with RYDLYME on an annual maintenance schedule. As a result of the initial cleaning, maintenance personnel found other uses for RYDLYME including: cleaning steam lines at the school’s cafeteria, cleaning a humidifier at the school’s field house, and most recently, cleaning a plate a frame heat exchanger.


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