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RYDLYME descales and cleans chiller and cooling tower





A hospital was experiencing significant cooling problems with its 350-ton chiller and cooling tower due to severe scaling. This scaling only allowed the system to get temperatures down to around 75°F. Also, the chiller was constantly running and making so much noise that the staff moved blankets onto the unit just to keep the sound from disturbing the patients.


RYDLYME approach

  • 220 gallons circulated via inline pumps for 5 hours then flushed with water.
  • Cleaning conducted while system was online; no shutdown needed.


RYDLYME results

  • The system was able to properly cool the hospital, even getting temperatures below 70°F wherever necessary.
  • The chiller returned to cycling properly and no longer made noise; efficiency significantly improved, which helped reduce energy usage!
  • Water flow in the cooling tower improved drastically, further improving the system’s efficiency!




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