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RYDLYME works on a wide array of equipment & systems!

  • Black liquor evaporators

  • Green liquor lines

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Condensers

  • Heat exchangers

  • Cooling towers

  • ... AND MUCH MORE!

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RYDLYME Pulp and Paper

The perfect tool for cleaning pulp and paper processing equipment!
    ✔ Green liquor lines
    ✔ Black liquor evaporators
    ✔ Vacuum pumps
    ✔ Strippers
    ✔ Cooling towers
    ✔ Heat exchangers
    ✔ Condensers
    ✔ Many others!

RYDLYME and your mill

The pulp and paper industry is one of the four largest industrial users of water in North America. But where there’s water, there’s water-related problems caused by mineral deposits. And these deposits are making withdrawals! Some mills have been plagued with varying degrees of water-related problems caused by mineral deposits, affecting operating efficiencies and leading to other, more costly problems including downtime.

These mineral deposits accumulate quickly (often within weeks) regardless of screens or treatment. Even a very thin coating of water scale will act as insulation and eventually retard the transfer of heat in your water systems, robbing you blind! You can put an end to this thievery with RYDLYME, a safe and environmentally acceptable alternative to other scale removal methods. RYDLYME biodegradable descaler is specifically designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, limescale, mud and rust deposits from virtually any piece of water-based equipment. This innovative water scale remover is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous and biodegradable making it safe for personnel, equipment and our environment.


Fortified with wetting and penetrating agents to dissolve deposits into solution, RYDLYME  is fast and cost-effective. The solution can be safely handled by personnel and circulated through your equipment or system without arduous and costly dismantling, and in some cases your equipment or system may continue to operate during cleaning. Coupled with the solution’s biodegradability for easy and safe disposal in normal plant sewers, most cleaning applications can be completed within a few hours, making RYDLYME  one of the fastest-acting industrial descalers on the market.

Pulp and Paper Applications

Drying Cylinders/Vacuum Pumps

Steam required for heating paper machine drying cylinders causes condensate, which is collected in separators. The vacuum pump draws the incondensable gases from the top of the main separator to prevent air locks. Limescale buildup occurs in the vacuum pumps caused by the high temperature of the condensate.

Green Liquor Lines

Regular shutdown of lines due to scale buildup is a regular problem in the pulp and paper industry. Often this necessitates hydro-blasting the lines to remove the hard scale. 

Air Humidifiers

Standard temperature and humidity is required for stored paper and provided through air humidifiers. Freshwater is fed to a perforated rotary drum by the humidifier, is vaporized and then partially carried away by the airflow passing through the drums. Residual water drops down and is then reused. Scale buildup on the jets and filters necessitates their replacement and results in increased energy costs.

Black Liquor Evaporators

Black liquor contains sodium, carbonate and sulfate. As liquor dry solids increase so does the concentration of these minerals until their solubility is exceeded. Salts then crystallize from the liquor and deposit on the heat transfer surfaces of the evaporator. The scale produced reduces the rate of heat transfer and the evaporation effect.

And much more!

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