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RYDLYME Successfully Cleans Another Heat Exchanger

RYDLYME Successfully Cleans Another Heat Exchanger

A large equipment manufacturer used (12) 30 gallon drums of RYDLYME to clean their 30 heat exchangers measuring in at 12” in diameter and 12’ long. The units were cleaned in place with a centrifugal pump for 2-3 hours per unit. The results were excellent! RYDLYME cleaned the tubes down to bare metal and optimized efficiency for these crucial testing units.

The job takes place in the company’s tech center, where they do all the testing for their equipment. The dynamometers are subjected to long term tests, and cooling during this extended testing time is critical in maintaining the units. The units are cleaned quarterly in order to maintain top efficiency. The service group in charge of maintaining the dynamometers originally mechanically cleaned them, until a series of punctured tubes (a costly mistake) motivated them to look at other options. Cathy Fregeau quickly offered her assistance and guided them to the RYDLYME user they are today!


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