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RYDLYME used on vacuum pumps and cooling tower at power plant






A power company in the Midwest had severe calcium deposits in its vacuum pumps and cooling tower mist eliminators. The scaling severely hindered the performance and overall life of its vacuum pumps, forcing the company to overhaul all its vacuum pumps on a regular basis. The company turned to RYDLYME  to not only address the scaling issues, but also increase the longevity of its vaccum pumps, as well as its cooling tower mist eliminators. 


RYDLYME approach

  • 100 gallons.
  • Circulated via RYDLYME pump (vacuum pumps were soaked) for 45 minutes.


RYDLYME results

  • The vacuum pumps were completely scale-free and optimal performance was restored, including a decrease in amps needed in the pump motor during operation.
  • The restoration of the vacuum pumps have enhanced their longevity, projecting to save the company a significant amount of money going forward.
  • The cooling tower mist eliminators were also returned to peak operating efficiency.

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