Wastewater Lift Station Struvite Removal


A midwestern wastewater facility was severely hindered by struvite blockage within one of their lift stations. The severity of struvite buildup had seized multiple valves and pump driveshafts throughout the system. Repeated hydro blasting attempts were unsatisfactory in that only a few feet of the system was freed of struvite deposits after three days of cleaning. Labor costs and downtime strained their budget and operators! The wastewater facility turned to RYDLYME for their lift station struvite removal needs.

Watch the video of RYDLYME lift station struvite removal here!

Their safe, simple solution came in as RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler. A circulation loop was established and manipulated for each of the four pumps to be cleaned. Each of the four loops was cleaned for 2 hours. After which, the RYDLYME was flushed from the system along with the dissolved struvite! Operators were completely satisfied with the RYDLYME cleaning and the results have been shared with other facility personnel to schedule the next cleaning.

How to remove struvite from pipes in waste water

Apex highly recommends that, prior to cleaning, you contact us for technical assistance in determining the best dilution and method for removing your struvite scale deposits.

  1. Obtain struvite deposit for testing with RYDLYME to confirm adequate concentration to dissolve struvite (typically 50-100%). Note severity of struvite build up. Obtain the current water volume of the struvite infected system as well as the designed water volume.
  2. To setup a circulation, connect circulating pump inlet to vented container via hose.
  3. Run another hose from pump outlet to lowest accessible point of struvite infected system.
  4. Run another hose from the highest accessible point of struvite infected system back to the vented circulating container.
  5. Add prescribed amount of RYDLYME to circulating container and turn on pump to begin dissolving struvite. Add water to the solution until a complete circuit is obtained.
  6. Continue circulation for 6-12 hours depending on struvite severity and volume of system. Hourly monitor the RYDLYME solution to determine end point. If RYDLYME is neutralized prior to the prescribed circulating duration, then more RYDLYME should be added in order to remove remaining struvite. (See “Testing the Effectiveness of RYDLYME”)
  7. Upon completion of the struvite cleaning, rinse the system with clean water to remove any insoluble materials that may have been released from the struvite deposit.
  8. Return the system to service.


CHALLENGE: Wastewater lift station pumps, valves and piping were severely clogged with struvite deposits. Hydroblasting for days achieved no results.
SOLUTION: Utilizing RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler and a pumping system, a circulation loop was established to clean the system and completely dissolve the struvite deposits within 8 hours.
RESULTS: After flushing with water, pipes were opened fully, all valves functioned correctly and pumps achieved optimum flow rates! Other previously scrapped valves were cleaned separately with RYDLYME and now are retained as backups.