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APEX Quarterly: Third Quarter 2019 Newsletter

Inside the Third Quarter 2019 edition of APEX Quarterly... RYDLYME helps boilers stay warm! RYDLYME tankless hot water heater cleaning kit - use what the pros use! AEPC THERMAL - a division of Apex Engineering Products Corporation! And much more!
Jul 12, 2019 05:31 PM

RYDLYME Cleans Boiler Tubes

RYDLYME descaling chemical removes calcium and other mineral deposits from these boiler tubes!

APEX Quarterly: Second Quarter 2019 Newsletter

Inside the Second Quarter 2019 edition of APEX Quarterly... RYDLYME helps paper mills keep their vacuum pumps clean! RYDALL HD cleans an ethylene column with ease! RYDLYME descaling systems help finish the job quickly! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: First Quarter 2019 Newsletter

Inside the First Quarter 2019 edition of APEX Quarterly... RYDLYME helps keep things cool in data centers! RYDALL HD biodegradable heavy duty degreaser makes its debut! FOUL TERRITORY: Smell grocery store woes! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Fourth Quarter 2018 Newsletter

Inside the Fourth Quarter 2018 edition of APEX Quarterly... RYDLYME increases a plastic injection mold flow rate by 13%! RYDALL cleans dirt & debris from this roof top unit! FOUL TERRITORY: Flying porta-potty?! And much more!
10PPC Industrial Descaling System for RYDLYME
Nov 09, 2018 03:00 PM

10PPC Industrial Descaling System for RYDLYME

Check out the 10PPC industrial descaling system for circulating RYDLYME video!
15MDC Industrial Descaling System for RYDLYME
Nov 05, 2018 05:00 PM

15MDC Industrial Descaling System for RYDLYME

Check out the 15MDC industrial descaling system for circulating RYDLYME video!
Oct 16, 2018 07:31 PM

Descaling Chemical for Boiler

RYDLYME descaling chemical for boiler tubes makes quick and easy work to restore boilers back to peak efficiency - read ahead for boiler tube cleaning and descaling procedures, descaling systems and more!​
Oct 05, 2018 07:27 PM

Happy National Manufacturing Day

Happy National Manufacturing Day from all of us at Apex Engineering Products Corporation. This day is meant to inspire the next generation of innovators and manufacturers.

APEX Quarterly: Third Quarter 2018 Newsletter

Inside the Third Quarter 2018 edition of APEX Quarterly... Don't wait until the cold to clean out your boilers - use RYDLYME! RYDLYME cleans a main turbine condenser back to OEM specs! FOUL TERRITORY: Uranus smells like what?! And much more!
Sep 25, 2018 07:31 PM

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Scale build up will rob the efficiency of shell and tube heat exchangers. RYDLYME biodegradable descaler is a one stop shop solution - read ahead for shell and tube heat exchanger cleaning procedures, descaling systems and more!

APEX Quarterly: Second Quarter 2018 Newsletter

Inside the Second Quarter 2018 edition of APEX Quarterly... Save money and clean chillers with RYDLYME! Get your efficiency back by cleaning cooling towers! FOUL TERRITORY: Wastewater treatment plant odors! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: First Quarter 2018 Newsletter

Inside the First Quarter 2018 edition of APEX Quarterly... Don't lose money on shutdowns, clean with RYDLYME! AHR Expo breakdown: RYDLYME, RYDALL CC & RYDALL MP! FOUL TERRITORY: Landfill odor complaint near a fast food chain! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Fourth Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Inside the Fourth Quarter 2017 edition of APEX Quarterly... Pulp and paper mill cleaning with RYDLYME - find out more! Green liquor deposits are no match for RYDLYME! FOUL TERRITORY: Liquid egg plant and foul odors! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Third Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Inside the Third Quarter 2017 edition of APEX Quarterly... Clean your boilers with RYDLYME - start ups are around the corner! Why clean your coils with RYDALL CC? FOUL TERRITORY: Odors in alley ways, dumpsters and more... And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Second Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Inside the Second Quarter 2017 edition of APEX Quarterly... RYDLYME equipment stickers are here and available for use! What is under deposit corrosion and how can it be prevented! FOUL TERRITORY: Odors in grocery stores - what can help?! And much more!

Apex Engineering Products Celebrates 75 Years

Apex Engineering Products Corporation is celebrating 75 years of safe chemical solutions! Our roots date back to 1942 when Edwin J. Ostermeier serviced boilers on ore boats that canvassed the Great Lakes between the United States and Canada.

APEX Quarterly: First Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Inside the First Quarter 2017 edition of APEX Quarterly... Apex Engineering Products celebrates 75 years of safe chemical solutions! Thinking of using a harsh acid to clean your equipment? Think again! FOUL TERRITORY: Soil facility blamed for odor! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Fourth Quarter 2016 newsletter

Inside the Fourth Quarter 2016 edition of APEX Quarterly... Descaling your heat exchanger is made easy with RYDLYME! RYDALL OE successfully treats odors at a cheese manufacturer! FOUL TERRITORY: RYDALL OE tackles landfill odors with ease! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Third Quarter 2016 newsletter

Inside the Third Quarter 2016 edition of APEX Quarterly... Don't wait until it's too late to descale your boilers with RYDLYME! RYDALL OE successfully treats odors at a luxury apartment complex! FOUL TERRITORY: Residents complaining about stinky odor! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Second Quarter 2016 newsletter

RYDLYME Successfully Cleans Another Heat Exchanger

RYDLYME Successfully Cleans Another Heat Exchanger

A large equipment manufacturer used (12) 30 gallon drums of RYDLYME to clean their 30 heat exchangers measuring in at 12” in diameter and 12’ long. The heat exchanger was successfully descaled with RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler and is now running efficiently once again!
RYDLYME Compressor Ceaning

RYDLYME Compressor Cleaning

RYDLYME removes scale from a college campus compressor that had a hard time maintaining water temperature. The liquid descaler, RYDLYME, had no problem descaling the hard water deposits located in the compressor and brought the compressor to peak efficiency!

APEX Quarterly: First Quarter 2016 newsletter

Inside the First Quarter 2016 edition of APEX Quarterly... RYDLYME takes on black liquor evaporators in the pulp & paper industry! See how RYDALL CC is a safer and more effective coil cleaner! FOUL TERRITORY: Wastewater plant has family in a stink! And much more!

APEX Quarterly: Fourth Quarter 2015 newsletter

Inside the Fourth Quarter 2015 edition of APEX Quarterly... RYDLYME takes on an evaporative condenser, cooling tower & pipework - All in one job. Vivianite in a waste water system is no match for RYDLYME. See why HVAC professionals trust and reach for RYDLYME. Foul Territory: Cash while you pee? And much more!

Cleaning Enhanced Chiller Tubes

Use RYDLYME to clean enhanced tubes where mechanical cleaning can't! RYDLYME descaler can remove scale from small crevices and cracks such as enhanced tubes where mechanical cleaning can't.

APEX Quarterly: Third Quarter 2015 newsletter

Inside the Third Quarter 2015 edition of APEX Quarterly... CLEAN YOUR COOLING TOWERS! See inside how RYDLYME can help prevent Legionnaires' Disease. Also in this issue... Another successful heat exchanger cleaning! RYDLYME and enhanced chiller tube cleaning. Foul Territory: Spike the corpse flower? And much more!
legionnaires disease

Cleaning your cooling tower & Legionnaires disease

RYDLYME descaler removes scale from cooling towers and helps prevent the spread of Legionnaire's Disease.

APEX Quarterly: Second Quarter 2015 newsletter

Inside the Second Quarter 2015 edition of APEX Quarterly... Let RYDLYME do the hard part. A major U.S. airline uses RYDLYME to bring their chillers back to peak efficiency. REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. New use for 55 gallon drums? Foul Territory: MORE USES FOR COW FARTS? And much more!

Apex Engineering Products Corporation Achieves GHS Compliance

Apex Engineering Products Corporation is now compliant with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available on the website and will be provided with every shipment. All products that are subject to the new labelling requirements are being shipped with GHS compliant labels. Please see the information below for a better understanding of GHS.

APEX Quarterly: First Quarter 2015 newsletter

Inside the First Quarter 2015 edition of APEX Quarterly... Five steps to chiller efficiency, What's lurking underneath your cooling jacket?, It's the time again, clean your coils with RYDALL CC and everything else with RYDALL MP, Foul Territory: Airing some dirty news, And much more!
2015 AHR Expo Thumb

APEX at AHR Expo 2015

APEX Engineering Products is proud to announce that we will be at the 2015 AHR Expo, January 26-28 at McCormick place in Chicago, IL. Please stop by and visit us at booth #2927!

APEX Quarterly: Fourth Quarter 2014 newsletter

Inside the Fourth Quarter 2014 edition of APEX Quarterly... What are non-active biocatalysts?; BUCKED Scent Eliminator; popular ski resort finds a creative use for RYDLYME drums; pictorial of amazing results; Foul Territory: crappy tomatoes

APEX Quarterly: Third Quarter 2014 newsletter

Inside the Third Quarter 2014 edition of APEX Quarterly... Don't be left out in the cold: It's not too early to start thinking about getting your boiler cleaned and ready to go; What caused a massive explosion at a metals plant?; Clean your tankless water heater with the new RTK!; RYDALL DC Deodorizing Cleaner KOs odors at Title Boxing Club; Foul Territory: Want a $10,000 piece of crap?

APEX Quarterly: Second Quarter 2014 newsletter

Inside the Second Quarter 2014 edition of APEX Quarterly... Where there's paper, there's water: descaling and wastewater treatment in pulp and paper; cooling tower systems and Legionnaire's disease; introducing the new RYDALL DC Deodorizing Cleaner; Product Focus: RYDALL CC Coil Cleaner; Foul Territory airs some dirty news

RYDLYME in Pulp & Paper

RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler is featured in the January/February 2014 issue of Industrial WaterWorld. Written by Jeff Gunderson, the feature explores innovative sustainability practices in the pulp and paper industry, including dealing with scaling and corrosion issues with safe products such as RYDLYME.​

APEX Quarterly: First Quarter 2014 newsletter

Inside the First Quarter 2014 edition of APEX Quarterly... Not all descalers are created equal: Find out the truth and why RYDLYME has been around for more than 70 years; There will be scale: RYDLYME goes downhole; Gearing up for spring start-ups with RYDLYME, RYDALL CC and RYDALL MP; RYDALL WO featured in ESE magazine; See what happens when you don't clean your cooling tower

APEX Monthly December 2013

Inside the December 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... 2013 Year in Review: A look back at some of the top case studies of the past year.

APEX Monthly November 2013

Inside the November 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... Importance of boiler cleanings to the health of your facility; RYDALL WO use in a sewer system; what is the worst-smelling chemical of all time?

Rydall WO reduces BOD, FOG, COD, TDS & H2S in sewer system!

The city of Oconto, Wisconsin was looking to reduce corrosion from high levels of H2S at one of its sewer line lift stations, as well as odors that resulted in several complaints from residents. The system was also experiencing high and fluctuating levels of BOD, FOG, COD and TDS. The city turned to RYDALL WO Water Optimizer to reduce those levels.

RYDLYME cleans blow down line from cooling tower system

A Canadian plastics and chemicals company, turned to RYDLYME to clean piping that has never been cleaned in its 30 years of service. The 5,000-foot carbon steel blow-down line from the plant’s main cooling tower system suffered from severe mineral scale that progressively increased over the years causing significant flow issues. The system has not been close to its designed flow rate of 125 gpm for several years...

Plate and frame heat exchanger cleaned

A California biodiesel manufacturer wanted to test RYDLYME on one of its fouled plate and frame heat exchangers within the methanol recovery division of the plant. A byproduct of the biodiesel manufacturing process, methanol is extracted from spent cooking oil and grease, vaporized and recovered in plate and frame heat exchangers. Scaling inside the units were inhibiting proper heat exchange, making the entire recovery process inefficient.

APEX Monthly September/October 2013

Inside the September/October 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... Why shut down? Perform an online cleaning with RYDLYME!; Cleaning 5,000 feet of pipe; What are non-active biocatalysts?; and much more!

APEX Monthly July/August 2013

Inside the July/August 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... What makes RYDLYME unique and successful? Cleaning your cooling tower; RYDLYME cleans 1,000-gallon boiler and much more!

RYDALL WO tackles odors on 13th hole

A Virginia golf course was experiencing a strong stench emanating from a multi-tiered pond that surrounded the normally picturesque par 3, 13th hole. The murky pond and unpleasant odor, which stemmed from rotting algae and putrid organic matter, became a distraction to golfers, as well as staff.

APEX Monthly June 2013

Inside the June 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... What's behind the smell in ponds and lagoons, and how RYDALL WO can help; how RYDLYME and RYDALL products fit in the food and beverage industries; summertime uses for RYDALL MP; and more!

Descaling ammonia condensers at turkey processing facility

A 1,200-ton ammonia condenser at a turkey processing facility experienced scaling on the exterior of the tubes. This scaling caused significant issues with proper heat transfer and in turn, not cooling the ammonia inside the tubes for proper refrigeration temperatures.

RYDLYME cleans 6 foot heat exchanger

A 6-foot heat exchanger at a facility for a major gas supplier on the east coast was experiencing a 35°F increase in temperature at the water outlet, which resulted in high Delta Ts.

APEX Monthly May 2013

Inside the May 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... RYDLYME and how it evolved chemical cleaning; Up close with filamentous bacteria; Eliminating grease and grime; Earth Day quiz; and much more!

APEX Monthly March 2013

Inside the March 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... Chiller and cooling tower maintenance... Watch a sea shell dissolve in less than four minutes... RYDALL CC and importance of cleaning AC coils... Toilet humor... And much more!

RYDALL DD removes oil buildup on heat exchangers

A Midwest glass manufacturer had severe oil buildup on its heat exchangers (6 feet long with an 8-inch diameter) that had accumulated over the course of a few years. The client was skeptical about the effectiveness of RYDALL DD Definitive Degreaser as they tried several other cleaners and degreasers in the past to no avail, but agreed to try it.

RYDLYME descales and cleans chiller and cooling tower

A hospital was experiencing significant cooling problems with its 350-ton chiller and cooling tower due to severe scaling. This scaling only allowed the system to get temperatures down to around 75°F. Also, the chiller was constantly running and making so much noise that the staff moved blankets onto the unit just to keep the sound from disturbing the patients.

APEX Monthly February 2013

Inside the February 2013 edition of APEX Monthly... How RYDALL WO Water Optimizer feeds bacteria naturally to treat wastewater RYDLYME in HVAC applications Losing money in heat transfer? Case studies Smell-o-vision at the movies And much more!

RYDLYME cleans Bi-Carbonate System at paper plant

A major paper plant in Pennsylvania used RYDLYME to dissolve mineral deposits within its Bi-Carbonate System (Bi-Carb), which controls alkalinity in the plant’s process water system. The Bi-Carb produces scale buildup inside the mix and day tanks, plugging up the system’s pipes, strainers and other components.​

APEX Monthly January 2013

Welcome to the New Year and the inaugural edition of APEX Monthly! Apex Engineering Products Corporation is proud to introduce APEX Monthly, a resource for news on our safe chemical solutions, as well as various contaminants and equipment maintenance. In this issue, learn about... Our new RYDALL OE Odor Eliminator and RYDALL WO Water Optimizer How RYDALL OE took on pungent odors from a cheese manufacturing facility The hazards of FOG (fats, oil and grease) ...and more!

Eliminating odors from cheese and dairy facility

A specialty cheese manufacturer in Wisconsin had an ongoing odor problem since installing a wastewater treatment system, which includes a 4,000-gallon wastewater sludge tank. The primary odor problem was coming from the sludge tank, which was pumped out and taken off-site about once a week. The odor emanating from the wastewater process was a source of complaint from neighboring facilities and businesses, as well as from the town's police headquarters five miles away!

RYDLYME used on vacuum pumps and cooling tower at power plant

A power company in the Midwest had severe calcium deposits in its vacuum pumps and cooling tower mist eliminators. The scaling severely hindered the performance and overall life of its vacuum pumps, forcing the company to overhaul all its vacuum pumps on a regular basis. The company turned to RYDLYME to not only address the scaling issues, but also increase the longevity of its vaccum pumps, as well as its cooling tower mist eliminators.

RYDLYME removes struvite in pipe

After dissolving 1,600 feet of struvite-corroded pipe at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), RYDLYME descaler was called in again to dissolve more struvite. This time the buildup was within 500 feet of pipe on the inlet side of the solids centrifuge. The severe buildup reduced the capacity of the pipe to only 20 cubic meters per hour (88gpm).

RYDALL MP removes oil buildup in vertical oven stacks

A manufacturer of metal lids for canning food had a heavy oil buildup in its vertical oven stacks. This accumulation of oil was a serious safety concern for the plant. RYDALL MP was presented as a solution to this severe situation.

RYDLYME cleans descales heat exchanger at oil refinery

An Oklahoma oil refinery was in urgent need of a solution to a critical exchanger that was experiencing very high process side temperatures. Scale accumulation on the cooling water side (tube side) of this exchanger was determined to be the cause of the escalation in process side (shell side) temperature. With shutdown not being an option, a continuous injection of RYDLYME descaler was proposed to get the refinery back to acceptable operating temperatures.

RYDLYME dissolves scale on injection molding machine

An injection molding company in Michigan was experiencing problems with one of its 950 Mitsubishi injection molding machines. The machine was shutting down on high temperatures up to four times a day! Severe scale accumulation in the machine’s cooling system was the cause of the high temperature shutdowns.​

RYDLYME descales and cleans absorption chiller

A major Midwest university was experiencing problems with its 1,250-ton York absorption chiller, mainly with approach temperatures reaching 30°! Severe scaling in the condenser bundle was identified as the reason for the inefficient operation and RYDLYME was called upon to get rid of the scale.

RYDALL MP cleans containers at recycling plant

A waste management company in Canada was experiencing problems removing contaminants from plastic containers that were being cleaned to prepare them for recycling. RYDALL MP was recommended as a solution to these problematic contaminants.

RYDLYME dissolves struvite at wastewater plant

A wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) had a severe buildup of struvite throughout 1,600 feet of piping effectively reducing the 6-inch diameter to 1 inch. Known to have the consistency of concrete, the struvite was no match for RYDLYME.

RYDLYME dissolves deposits in turbine condenser

Heavy mineral deposits within a main turbine condenser at a combined cycle power plant were the culprits in significant heat transfer loss. The client put RYDLYME to the test against sulfuric acid to see which one could break through the severe buildup and restore the system's appropriate level of heat transfer.
Results: 65 Article(s) Found.

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