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Over 75 Years in Business

Apex Engineering Products Corporation formulates and manufactures safe and biodegradable specialty cleaning chemicals for a diverse range of applications around the world.

Biodegradable Products

We are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer renowned not only for our biodegradable line of products, but also our in-depth and exceptional customer support.

ISO 9001 Certification

Apex Engineering Products Corporation is committed to providing High Quality Specialty Chemicals that meet or exceed the customer requirements in a timely fashion and to continually improve the Quality Management System.

Manufactured in House

All safe chemicals are manufactured in house by Apex Engineering Products Corporation. This ensures quality control and timely shipping.

Case Studies

Heat Exchanger Struvite Removal

A Midwest wastewater treatment plant was experiencing struvite buildup in their heat exchanger as well as the 62’ of 6’’ piping.

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Municipal Pumping Station Struvite Cleaning

Municipal pumping station pipelines were severely clogged with struvite deposits which lead to pump motors running hot and check/gate valves unable to actuate.

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Commercial Water Heater Cleaning

A restaurant was experiencing insufficient temperatures in their dishwasher due to water scale build up within their tankless water heater.

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Embassy Cooling Tower & Chiller Cleaning

A 130 ton cooling tower & chiller with severe water scale deposits were unable to maintain adequate workspace temperatures.

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Chiller Tube Cleaning with RYDLYME

Contractor Chiller Condenser Tube Cleaning

A 250 ton chiller afflicted with water scale deposits had approach temperature 10°F above normal.

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Before After RYDLYME

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Descaling

A tire & rubber manufacturer was experiencing heat transfer issues as water scale had accumulated on the shell side of their heat exchangers.

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RYDLYME Wastewater Digester Line Cleaning Case Study. Image of a digester sludge valve.

Wastewater Digester Line Cleaning

A Canadian wastewater treatment plant was having serious fouling issues within their digester line.

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Raw Sludge Transfer Pipeline Cleaning Case Study. Image of raw sludge on an outdoor pipeline.

Raw Sludge Transfer Pipeline Cleaning

A southwest regional wastewater treatment facility was experiencing a severe reduction in raw sludge flow throughout their five service plants.

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Vivianite Removal From WWTP Piping Case study. Image of a damaged pipe elbow.

Vivianite Removal From WWTP Piping

Vivianite had restricted flow in the system’s 4’’ by 175’ pipe.

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Wastewater Process Pipe Cleaning Case Study. Before/After image of a pipe with struvite buildup treated with RYDLYME.

Wastewater Process Pipe Cleaning

A pharmaceutical developer’s wastewater system was experiencing flow issues caused by the collection of struvite scale deposits.

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RYDLYME: The World’s Leading Biodegradable Chemical Descaler

Apex Engineering Products Corporation formulates and manufactures safe and biodegradable specialty cleaning chemicals for a diverse range of applications around the world.

For more than 75 years, RYDLYME biodegradable industrial chemical descaler has been used to safely and efficiently dissolve tough mineral deposits, such as water scale, lime scale, calcium, rust and even struvite. This revolutionary descaler is fortified with a complex formula of wetting and penetrating agents that dissolve mineral deposits into solution for quick and easy disposal.
Apex Engineering Products offers descaling chemicals for cooling towersheat exchangerschillerscondensersboilers and other equipment.