A Midwestern college was noticing heating inefficiencies in their boiler system. Upon further inspection, a layer of scale was found blanketing the boiler tubes causing the aforementioned heating inefficiencies. Several methods of removing this scale were reviewed and analyzed, yet the obvious choice was RYDLYME. The safety, ease of product use and access to a local representative were only a few of the reasons the superior liquid descaler was chosen.

2,310 gallons or (7) 330 gallon totes of RYDLYME were used at a 50% dilution to circulate throughout the massive boiler. The solution was circulated for 12 hours due to the scale severity and size of the boiler.

After the recommended circulating time, RYDLYME was drained from the boiler and the results were revealed – the boiler tubes were down to bare metal once again! Efficiency was restored and another satisfied customer of RYDLYME emerged.


CHALLENGE: A massive boiler at a Midwestern college was experiencing heating inefficiencies in their boiler system.
SOLUTION: A total of 2,310 gallons of RYDLYME was circulated through the boiler for 12 hours due to scale severity.
RESULTS: The customer is extremely satisfied with the results of RYDLYME dissolving the scale surrounding the boiler tubes – RYDLYME is scheduled to clean their other boilers next month!