• Hotel Cooling Tower & Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    A beach side hotel was experiencing scale issues within their cooling tower and heat exchanger.

  • Lime Slaker Descaling

    A renewable energy plant was experiencing inefficiencies in their atomizers.

  • Fire Tube Boiler Descaling

    A wire and cable manufacturer was experiencing severe scale build up in their Clever Brooks 250hp boiler.

  • Hospital Boiler Descaling

    A Midwestern hospital was having trouble keeping their 15 HP steam boiler running efficiently.

  • Compressed Air Cooler Cleaning

    A Western Steel Mill was facing very high temperatures on their air compressors.

  • Chlorine Scrubber System Cleaning

    A Midwestern pulp & paper mill was experiencing low flow rates in their chlorine scrubber system due to water scale.

  • Automotive Air Compressor Cleaning

    RYDLYME is used to descale an automotive air compressor that was experiencing heating issues due to the water scale deposits.

  • High Pressure Air Compressor Cleaning

    RYDLYME is used to descale an air compressor that was experiencing heating issues due to the water scale deposits.

  • Lube Oil Filter Cleaning

    A die casting company was having issues with their metal filters being clogged with a heat transfer oil.

  • Green Liquor System Cleaning

    A pulp & paper mill was experiencing scale build up throughout their green liquor system.

  • Paperboard Press Plate Cleaning

    A pulp & paper mill was experiencing inadequate temperatures on their plate press.

  • Stainless Steel Pipeline Cleaning

    A pulp & paper mill was experiencing calcium carbonate build up within their stainless steel pipeline.

  • White Liquor Cooler Cleaning

    A pulp & paper mill was experiencing scale build up in their white liquor cooler in a digester.

  • Sizable Boiler Tube Descaling

    A Midwestern college noticed heating inefficiencies in their boiler system due to a layer of scale was found blanketing the boiler tubes causing heating inefficiencies.

  • Refinery Vertical Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    A refinery was experiencing cooling issues and shutting the plant down in order to replace the heat exchanger would cost $1 million every day that the line is not operating!

  • Heat Exchanger Struvite Removal

    A Midwest wastewater treatment plant was experiencing struvite buildup in their heat exchanger as well as the 62’ of 6’’ piping.

  • Municipal Pumping Station Struvite Cleaning

    Municipal pumping station pipelines were severely clogged with struvite deposits which lead to pump motors running hot and check/gate valves unable to actuate.

  • Commercial Water Heater Cleaning

    A restaurant was experiencing insufficient temperatures in their dishwasher due to water scale build up within their tankless water heater.

  • Embassy Cooling Tower & Chiller Cleaning

    A 130 ton cooling tower & chiller with severe water scale deposits were unable to maintain adequate workspace temperatures.

  • Contractor Chiller Condenser Tube Cleaning

    A 250 ton chiller afflicted with water scale deposits had approach temperature 10°F above normal.

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Descaling

    A tire & rubber manufacturer was experiencing heat transfer issues as water scale had accumulated on the shell side of their heat exchangers.

  • Wastewater Digester Line Cleaning

    A Canadian wastewater treatment plant was having serious fouling issues within their digester line.

  • Raw Sludge Transfer Pipeline Cleaning

    A southwest regional wastewater treatment facility was experiencing a severe reduction in raw sludge flow throughout their five service plants.

  • Vivianite Removal From WWTP Piping

    Vivianite had restricted flow in the system’s 4’’ by 175’ pipe.

  • Wastewater Process Pipe Cleaning

    A pharmaceutical developer’s wastewater system was experiencing flow issues caused by the collection of struvite scale deposits.

  • Holding Tank Transfer Pump Cleaning

    An East Coast wastewater treatment plant experiencing filtration system flow issues turned to RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the struvite deposits which had accumulated.

  • Centrifuge Cleaning

    A Midwest wastewater treatment plant experiencing struvite buildup on their centrifuge systems turned to RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the rapidly growing scale buildup.

  • Cooling Tower Blowdown Line Cleaning

    A northwestern petrochemical facility specializing in ethylene and polyethylene manufacturing was experiencing problems with their main cooling tower.

  • 2200MW Power Plant Condenser

    The key to low cost power plant operation is maintaining clean, leak-free condenser tubes.

  • 1200MW Power Plant Condenser

    Although preventative maintenance had been satisfactory in the past, upon inspecting a previous shutdown’s cleaning results, a natural gas power plant wanted to achieve a pristine cleaning.

  • Plastic Injection Mold Cleaning

    Mold heat transfer and flow rates were found to be prohibiting acceptable quality at a large manufacturing facility.

  • Alkylation Unit Cleaning

    An American multinational oil & gas corporation turned to RYDLYME as a solution for removing scale deposits from one of their state-of-the-art, Midwestern production facilities.

  • Financial Institution Chiller Cleaning

    A large financial institution was having serious issues with water scale deposits which had accumulated in their 600 ton chiller.

  • Pharmaceutical Steam Boiler Cleaning

    A large pharmaceutical manufacturer was having serious fouling issues within their boiler system which supplies heat for five buildings.

  • Ethylene Refining Column Cleaning

    World renowned petrochemical manufacturer had inspected one of their ethylene refining columns to find it in poor condition and requiring cleaning.

  • Wastewater Lift Station Struvite Removal

    A midwestern wastewater facility was severely hindered by struvite blockage within one of their lift stations.

  • Regional Medical Center Chiller Cleaning

    A local hospital was having issues keeping their operating rooms at an adequate temperature.