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Please view our numerous case studies showing positive results with our safe chemical solutions on various equipment demonstrated throughout diversified industries.

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Lube Oil Filter Cleaning

A die casting company was having issues with their metal filters being clogged with a heat transfer oil.

Green Liquor System Cleaning

A pulp & paper mill was experiencing scale build up throughout their green liquor system.

Paperboard Press Plate Cleaning

A pulp & paper mill was experiencing inadequate temperatures on their plate press.

Stainless Steel Pipeline Cleaning

A pulp & paper mill was experiencing calcium carbonate build up within their stainless steel pipeline.

White Liquor Cooler Cleaning

A pulp & paper mill was experiencing scale build up in their white liquor cooler in a digester.

Sizable Boiler Tube Descaling

A Midwestern college was noticing heating inefficiencies in their boiler system. Upon further inspection, a layer of scale was found blanketing the boiler tubes causing the aforementioned heating inefficiencies.

Refinery Vertical Heat Exchanger Cleaning

A refinery was experiencing cooling issues throughout their entire cooling system. Shutting the plant down in order to replace the heat exchanger was not an option as this would cost $1 million every day that the line is not operating!

Heat Exchanger Struvite Removal

A Midwest wastewater treatment plant was experiencing struvite buildup in their heat exchanger as well as the 62’ of 6’’ piping.

Municipal Pumping Station Struvite Cleaning

Municipal pumping station pipelines were severely clogged with struvite deposits which lead to pump motors running hot and check/gate valves unable to actuate.

Commercial Water Heater Cleaning

A restaurant was experiencing insufficient temperatures in their dishwasher due to water scale build up within their tankless water heater.

Embassy Cooling Tower & Chiller Cleaning

A 130 ton cooling tower & chiller with severe water scale deposits were unable to maintain adequate workspace temperatures.

Contractor Chiller Condenser Tube Cleaning

A 250 ton chiller afflicted with water scale deposits had approach temperature 10°F above normal.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Descaling

A tire & rubber manufacturer was experiencing heat transfer issues as water scale had accumulated on the shell side of their heat exchangers.

Wastewater Digester Line Cleaning

A Canadian wastewater treatment plant was having serious fouling issues within their digester line.

Raw Sludge Transfer Pipeline Cleaning

A southwest regional wastewater treatment facility was experiencing a severe reduction in raw sludge flow throughout their five service plants.

Vivianite Removal From WWTP Piping

Vivianite had restricted flow in the system’s 4’’ by 175’ pipe.

Wastewater Process Pipe Cleaning

A pharmaceutical developer’s wastewater system was experiencing flow issues caused by the collection of struvite scale deposits.

Holding Tank Transfer Pump Cleaning

An East Coast wastewater treatment plant experiencing filtration system flow issues turned to RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the struvite deposits which had accumulated.

Centrifuge Cleaning

A Midwest wastewater treatment plant experiencing struvite buildup on their centrifuge systems turned to RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the rapidly growing scale buildup.

Cooling Tower Blowdown Line Cleaning

A northwestern petrochemical facility specializing in ethylene and polyethylene manufacturing was experiencing problems with their main cooling tower.

2200MW Power Plant Condenser

The key to low cost power plant operation is maintaining clean, leak-free condenser tubes.

1200MW Power Plant Condenser

Although preventative maintenance had been satisfactory in the past, after inspecting the previous shutdown’s mechanical cleaning results, the natural gas fired power plant wanted to achieve a pristine outcome on one of their power blocks.

Plastic Injection Mold Cleaning

Mold heat transfer and flow rates were found to be prohibiting acceptable quality at a large manufacturing facility.

Alkylation Unit Cleaning

An American multinational oil & gas corporation turned to RYDLYME as a solution for removing scale deposits from one of their state-of-the-art, Midwestern production facilities.

Financial Institution Chiller Cleaning

A large financial institution was having serious issues with water scale deposits which had accumulated in their 600 ton chiller.

Pharmaceutical Steam Boiler Cleaning

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer was having serious fouling issues within their boiler system which supplies heat for five buildings.

Ethylene Refining Column Cleaning

A world renowned petrochemical manufacturer had inspected one of their ethylene refining columns during a regularly scheduled shutdown. Upon inspection, the column was found to be in poor condition and required cleaning.

Wastewater Lift Station Struvite Removal

A midwestern wastewater facility was severely hindered by struvite blockage within one of their lift stations.

Regional Medical Center Chiller Cleaning

A local hospital was having issues keeping their operating rooms at an adequate temperature.