A Midwest wastewater treatment plant was experiencing struvite buildup in their heat exchanger as well as the 62’ of 6’’ piping. Struvite not only reduced heat transfer inside of the heat exchanger but also reduced flow! The struvite also prevented various 6’’ check valves and 6’’ plug valves from being able to close and seat properly.

The solution was RYDLYME! The system was flooded with 330 gallons of RYDLYME and water. RYDLYME was circulated throughout the system and the results are as expected – struvite is no match for RYDLYME! The staff of the wastewater treatment plant is very happy with the performance and safety of RYDLYME.


CHALLENGE: Struvite had restricted flow and heat transfer in a heat exchanger, 62’ of 6’’ piping, and various check/plug valves. The various valves were unable to close or seat correctly.
SOLUTION: (1) 330-gallon tote of RYDLYME and water were circulated throughout the struvite-ridden piping and heat exchanger system.
RESULTS: After the RYDLYME cleaning, the plant was able to close and seat the various valves correctly and optimal flow and heat transfer were returned to the equipment!