A paper mill was experiencing heating issues with its 36 paperboard press plates. Stacks of paper are inserted between two plates that press together creating boards for the exterior of homes. Steam is injected into the plates to reach the required 450°F. The mill was unable to reach this required temperature due to mineral deposit accumulation resulting in inferior products. 

After the mill did some research, they realized the best solution was to clean with RYDLYME – a safe, biodegradable descaler!

A 55-gallon drum of RYDLYME was circulated through each plate for 6-8 hours, depending on the severity of the scale inside. Upon circulation completion, each plate was inspected with a fiberscope. The inspector saw that RYDLYME brought these plates back down to bare metal and the correct temperature was obtainable yet again! The mill is now cleaning these plates on a 3-month rotation!


CHALLENGE: A pulp & paper mill was experiencing inadequate temperatures on their plate press.
SOLUTION: A 55-gallon drum of RYDLYME was circulated through each of the 36 press plates for 6-8 hours depending on scale severity (1,980 gallons total).
RESULTS: The inspector was extremely happy to see the plates were returned to bare metal! The plates were now able to reach the correct temperature and the plant cleans them on a 3-month rotation!