A containerboard facility was experiencing scale build-up in their green liquor system. Transfer pumps, valves, stainless steel pipelines, recovery tanks and scatter sprayers! The valves were unable to move freely, the pump rated for 280 GPM was only producing 100 GPM and the scatter sprayer nozzles were reduced to a small trickle. The scale deposits varied in size throughout the system from 1/8’’, 1/2’’ and upwards of 2 feet in the recovery tank! Now that is a lot of scale!

After unsuccessful attempts at hydro blasting, the mill was at a loss. Luckily, there is a safe, biodegradable descaler readily available around the globe! RYDLYME was introduced to the mill with sensational results! The system held 3,000 gallons and RYDLYME was used at a 30% concentration. Immediately going to work, RYDLYME dissolved the scale allowing the valves to move freely, restored the pump to 280 GPM, cleared their recovery tank, and allowed the scatter sprayers to operate at peak efficiency. 

A preventative maintenance program is now in place utilizing RYDLYME – the mill understands that RYDLYME will add to the life expectancy of the pipes, pumps, valves, and scatter spray nozzles!


CHALLENGE: A pulp & paper mill was experiencing scale build-up throughout their green liquor system.
SOLUTION: A 30% solution of RYDLYME was circulated through the valves, stainless steel pipeline, transfer pumps, recovery tank, and scatter spray nozzles.
RESULTS: The scale build-up was completely dissolved throughout the system! A preventative maintenance program is now in place utilizing RYDLYME!