A Midwestern pulp mill was experiencing low flow rates in their chlorine scrubber. The chlorine scrubber system consists of an 8’ diameter by 14’ high caustic day tank with 2’’ lines leading into the top of the unit. The scrubber system itself was approximately 30’’ in diameter and 16’ high and full of baffles from top to bottom running across. There were also 2 caustic day tank pumps and 150’ of 2’’ pipe lines – all of which were full of scale.

It was determined that 660 gallons (2 totes) of RYDLYME would be circulated throughout the system for a total of 5 hours. After hour 1, the flow rate increased from 90 GPM to 134 GPM! After the full 5 hours, the mill was able to achieve 147 GPM. This is well above the USEPA required 100 GPM. The pulp mill was ecstatic with the minimum amount of effort as well as the safety that was demonstrated by the RYDLYME cleaning. The mill will now be utilizing RYDLYME for a preventative maintenance program.


CHALLENGE: A pulp & paper mill was experiencing scale build up throughout their chlorine scrubber.
SOLUTION: A 30% solution of RYDLYME was circulated through valves, stainless steel pipeline, transfer pumps, day tanks and chlorine scrubber.
RESULTS: The scale build up was completely dissolved throughout the system! A preventative maintenance program is now in place utilizing RYDLYME!