The water system at a commercial restaurant chain was comprised of a tankless water heater and a 100-gallon hot water storage tank. These supplied the location with all its hot water needs, including the dishwasher. Six months after installation, water scale had accumulated in the tankless unit’s heat exchanger. The issue was evident after setting the dishwasher to its maximum of 180°F, the internal temperature only reached 120°F. In need of a quick solution, they turned to RYDLYME to get the job done.

Two quarts of RYDLYME were circulated with eight quarts of water to create a 20% RYDLYME solution. The solution was circulated with our RTK350 pumping system for less than 30 minutes. After cleaning, the system was flushed with water and returned to operation. The dishwasher was still set to 180°F and rapidly achieved this maximum temperature. In fact, the user had to lower the setting back to its original 160°F setting! Two quarts of RYDLYME increased temperature by over 50%! The customer was very pleased with the outcome and has contracted with the technician for regularly scheduled service.


CHALLENGE: A restaurant was experiencing insufficient temperatures in their dishwasher due to water scale build up within their tankless water heater.
SOLUTION: Utilizing two quarts of RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler, a circulation loop was established through the heat exchanger utilizing the RTK350 for less than 30 minutes.
RESULTS: Afterwards, the RYDLYME had completely dissolved the water scale and dishwasher temperatures were restored!