A Midwest wastewater treatment plant experiencing struvite buildup on their centrifuge systems turned to RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the rapidly growing scale buildup. Their previous cleaning method consisted of personnel utilizing hand chisels which proved to be a strenuous task and not very effective. For the RYDLYME cleaning, the basin of the horizontal centrifuge was filled with a 20% RYDLYME solution, and then the centrifuge was set to rotate at 5 RPM. The unit was inspected 16 hours later.

The wastewater treatment plant personnel were extremely impressed with the RYDLYME cleaning results! After the cleaning, the centrifuge looked brand new. RYDLYME was able to remove buildup from areas/crevices that were utterly impossible to access via mechanical cleaning methods.


CHALLENGE: Thick deposits of struvite had accumulated on numerous centrifuges at a district wastewater treatment plant.
SOLUTION: A 20% solution of RYDLYME was added to the centrifuge basin and the centrifuge was set to 5RPM to rotate for 16 hours.
RESULTS: After the RYDLYME cleaning, the plant was extremely impressed with the results! The plant saved time and effort using RYDLYME instead of using mechanical cleaning methods.