A paper mill was experiencing scale build-up on the process side of their white liquor cooler, which is part of the digester. The white liquor cooler was having trouble maintaining temperature, which lead to inferior results. After searching for a solution, the mill realized the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to dissolve the scale would be to perform a RYDLYME cleaning. 

After discussing quantity with our technical team, it was determined that six – 55-gallon drums of RYDLYME would be adequate to circulate through the cooler. After 5 hours of circulation, a visual inspection was performed and passed with flying colors! The digester supervisor stated that the white liquor tubes were back to bare metal! The mill now plans to clean the water side of the cooler in the future.

The mill was so relieved with the RYDLYME cleaning results, they are now cleaning their vacuum pumps as well as other equipment throughout the mill!


CHALLENGE: A pulp & paper mill was experiencing scale build-up in their white liquor cooler in a digester.
SOLUTION: A total of 330 gallons of RYDLYME was circulated through the white liquor cooler process side for 5 hours.
RESULTS: The white liquor cooler tubes were back to bare metal after the RYDLYME cleaning! The supervisor is now looking to clean more applications throughout the mill with RYDLYME!