An East Coast wastewater treatment plant experiencing filtration system flow issues turned to RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the struvite deposits which had accumulated. Over nine years, struvite had restricted the flow of the system’s 4” diameter by 350’ long pipe connecting the transfer pump to the holding tank from 240 gallons per minute to 12 GPM. This indicated that the system was severely clogged.


RYDLYME was immediately procured to resolve the issue. Once RYDLYME was added to the system piping, further confirmation of the severity of struvite was realized as just 55 gallons of RYDLYME filled the volume of a pipe section designed to hold 200 gallons. Due to this severity, the plant was forced to add RYDLYME incrementally and was unable to circulate, but all of the struvite deposit was successfully dissolved. The pump was turned back on and immediately achieved a flow rate of 240gpm! By utilizing RYDLYME the plant was quickly and easily able to return to its original design capability.

“Overall, we can say things went better than expected! RYDLYME will be a ‘go-to’ for us when combatting struvite in the future.” – Plant Assistant Superintendent


CHALLENGE: Struvite had restricted flow in the system’s 4’’ by 350’ pipe connecting the transfer pump to the holding tank down to 12 GPM.
SOLUTION: Four 55-gallon drums of RYDLYME were added incrementally and left to soak in the pipe without dilution in order to dissolve the struvite buildup.
RESULTS: After the RYDLYME cleaning, the plant was back at 240 GPM! This flow rate had not been achieved since the installation of the equipment!