A mechanical contractor was tasked to complete a condenser barrel cleaning on a 250-ton chiller. The chiller was having issues with the approach temperature and was operating inefficiently. Based on previous experience, the contractor chose RYDLYME to dissolve the water scale from the chiller’s condenser tubes via circulation.

Fifty gallons of RYDLYME was circulated for five hours and then inspected – due to the severity of the scale deposits, an additional fifty gallons of RYDLYME was circulated to dissolve all of the efficiency-robbing barriers. After circulation and final inspection, the chiller’s condenser tubes were found to be restored to bare metal and their copper shine. The approach temperature prior to the RYDLYME cleaning was 15°F. After the RYDLYME cleaning the approach temperature was reduced to 6°F! The customer was thrilled to have the equipment operating efficiently once again, saving money on their energy usage.


CHALLENGE: A 250-ton chiller afflicted with water scale deposits had approached a temperature 10°F above normal.
SOLUTION: A total of 100 gallons of RYDLYME was circulated through the chiller’s condenser tubes for 13 hours due to scale severity.
RESULTS: The approach temperature was restored to 6°F and the customer was delighted. The remaining chillers in the facility will utilize RYDLYME and are scheduled to return approach temperature to normal.