A refinery was experiencing cooling issues throughout its entire cooling system. Shutting the plant down in order to replace the heat exchanger was not an option as this would cost $1 million every day that the line is not operating! Due to the severity of the situation, the refinery needed a chemical that is reliable, and has a history of dissolving scale safely, effectively, and quickly! Naturally, RYDLYME was the only choice!

RYDLYME was delivered the same day the refinery placed their order so they could get to work immediately! 300 gallons of RYDLYME was diluted to 50% with an additional 300 gallons of water. The solution was circulated throughout the 30’’X20’ heat exchanger for 6 hours. Once the RYDLYME solution was drained, the maintenance crew was stunned! The heat exchanger was back to OEM specification! They are now firm believers in RYDLYME and plan to clean the rest of their cooling system!


CHALLENGE: A refinery was having a hard time keeping its cooling system efficient – one of their heat exchanges had significant scaling on the shell & tubes.
SOLUTION: A total of 300 gallons of RYDLYME was circulated through the heat exchanger for 6 hours.
RESULTS: The heat exchangers were restored to OEM specifications. RYDLYME saved the refinery over $1 million a day!