A beach side hotel was experiencing scale issues within their cooling tower and heat exchanger. After inspection, the main culprit was water scale that had accumulated within the plate & frame exchanger as well as the cooling tower fill. The cooling tower water had only 6° ∆T, the heat exchanger was achieving a 13° ∆T.

Circulating 100 gallons of RYDLYME through the system for 8 hours solved their cooling problem. After a water flush, the cooling tower & heat exchanger were returned to service. The cooling tower now had a 10° ∆T which was a 66% increase and the heat exchanger had a 28° ∆T which was a 115% increase! The hotel personnel were amazed at the difference! With the dramatic improvement in efficiency, the hotel was convinced to have RYDLYME as a preventative maintenance program for future cleanings! The cleaning tech walked in to a round of applause now that the AC was fully operational for the summer season!

CHALLENGE: Water scale was creating cooling issues in a cooling tower & heat exchanger at a beach side hotel.
SOLUTION: Circulating 100 gallons of RYDLYME was circulated for 8 hours with a water flush after the RYDLYME cleaning was completed.
RESULTS: After the RYDLYME cleaning, the ∆T in the cooling tower increased 66% and the ∆T in the heat exchanger increased 115%!