A Midwestern hospital was having trouble keeping their 15 HP steam boiler running efficiently. Upon further inspection, scale build up was inhibiting the tubes creating a ‘blanket’ barrier! This ‘blanket’ was robbing the hospital in the form of utility cost.

Our knowledgable local rep helped the hospital’s maintenance team clean their boiler with RYDLYME. With 175 gallons of RYDLYME were circulated for a total of 5 hours using Apex Engineering Product’s industrial descaling system – 10MDC. The 10MDC includes a 10MDO magnetic drive pump, three Tygon 1” diameter 10’ hoses, and bulkhead fittings all conveniently packaged in a 14-gallon recirculation bucket.

The maintenance team was very happy with the results! The water scale in the boiler was completely dissolved due to RYDLYME’s extensive and true reputation of being the World’s Leading Biodegradable Descaler.


CHALLENGE: A steam boiler at a Midwestern hospital was experiencing heating inefficiencies in their boiler system.
SOLUTION: A total of 175 gallons of RYDLYME and water were circulated through the boiler for 5 hours.
RESULTS: The customer was extremely satisfied with the results of RYDLYME dissolving the scale surrounding the boiler tubes – RYDLYME is scheduled to clean their sister boilers as well!