A die-casting company was having issues with their metal filters being clogged with a heat transfer oil. The filters would become so clogged, that oil would not be able to flow through! Originally, the company was soaking these filters, 50 at a time, in a caustic degreaser for days before pressure washing – and still, the filters were not completely clean. Looking for an alternative safe, quick, and biodegradable degreaser, RYDALL HD was the only choice!

A circulation bath was set up at ambient temperature and RYDALL HD was circulated at 100% for 3 hours followed by a rinse with fresh water. The results brought these filters to brand new! The filters are now ready to be brought back into service until the next cleaning. The customer has now made the transition from the previous product used to RYDALL HD, and is setting up a preventative maintenance program to ensure the filters are clean and are operating at peak performance.


CHALLENGE: Die-casting lube oil filters were severely clogged with heat transfer oil and sludge. The customer did not have an efficient way of cleaning the filters.
SOLUTION: 5 gallons of RYDALL HD were circulated at ambient temperature for 3 hours followed by a light rinse with fresh water.
RESULTS: The oil sludge and clogs were completely removed from the filters! These filters are now ready to be put into service in less than 4 hours of cleaning!