An international embassy was having trouble keeping their workspace cool – indoor temperatures were reaching 31°C (87°F)! Realizing their HVAC system was in desperate need of maintenance, the embassy personnel sought out a solution with their service contractor to dissolve the severely accumulated water scale deposits within their cooling tower and chiller. Upon presenting RYDLYME, the service technician and manager did not believe RYDLYME would be an effective solution to dissolving their water scale deposits. All prior attempts at dissolving the water scale deposits had failed. Despite their doubts, RYDLYME was given an opportunity.

RYDLYME was circulated via their 130-ton cooling tower and Multistack chiller. Flow on the tower side was visually improved – the service contractor noticed over a 50% increase! The service contractor and staff alike were pleasantly surprised with the success and effectiveness of RYDLYME on the scale deposits! The staff was ecstatic to have their system working properly again and have since implemented a maintenance program utilizing RYDLYME! Very cool!


CHALLENGE: A 130-ton cooling tower & chiller with severe water scale deposits were unable to maintain adequate workspace temperatures.
SOLUTION: A total of 300 liters (80 gallons) of RYDLYME were circulated through the cooling water loop for 16 hours due to scale severity.
RESULTS: The cooling tower noticeably improved and flow increased by over 50%. The system now has no problem achieving a comfortable office climate. The embassy has now adjusted its service agreement to utilize RYDLYME.