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RYDALL WO Water Optimizer

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RYDALL WO Water Optimizer

RYDALL WO Water Optimizer is an environmentally beneficial alternative to wastewater treatment problems. RYDALL WO  contains a complex mixture of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements that reduce hydrogen sulfide (H2S), chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), fats, oil, and grease (FOG), total dissolved solids (TDS) and total suspended solids (TSS).

This unique non-active biocatalyst promotes the development of microflora, stimulating the effectiveness of beneficial bacteria in wastewater anaerobically. This not only enhances the natural biological cleaning process, but also enhances valuable methane (CH4) production and dissolved oxygen (O2) content.


RYDALL WO is a technologically advanced product that is natural in origin, safe to handle and organically biodegradable in application. RYDALL WO  contains no bacteria and is non-toxic to humans, animals, fish and plants. There are also no fumes or irritating vapors, making it safe to handle even at high concentration. It is also non-corrosive to metals, concrete and plastics making it ideal for a vast array of applications including wastewater treatment plants, lagoons, sludge handling facilities and sewers.

How Does RYDALL WO work?

RYDALL WO can be metered into the wastewater stream entering WWTP’s trunk sewer lagoons and sludge filter presses. This product has diverse applications on most wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance issues. RYDALL WO should be applied on a continuous basis in order to maintain the effluent parameters required. The amount of RYDALL WO required is dependent on the magnitude of the problem, but due to its highly concentrated formulation, dosages typically range in the ppm level. RYDALL WO is a technologically advanced product that is natural in origin, safe to handle and organically biodegradable in application. RYDALL WO's formulation includes a newly discovered cell stimulant that works on eliminating a vast array of problems that often exist at WWTP’s sewers and sludge holding tanks. 

RYDALL WO is non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-irritating. The type of organisms and bacteria which are actually dominant in wastewaters depend on many factors, but of particular significance is the availability of micronutrients. Certain bacteria, especially aerobic species, need more trace elements as cofactors than anaerobic bacteria. If the availability of such nutrients is low, other bacteria which require fewer micronutrients will become dominant. In addition, sometimes bacteria or yeast strains release sufficient quantities of antibiotics that suppress growth of other microorganisms. Protozoa may also have an undesirable effect by feeding on bacteria, subsequently reducing the population of desirable bacteria. RYDALL WO acts as a non-active biocatalyst to promote and allow micro flora to develop. RYDALL WO will stimulate bacteria affected by aerobic and anaerobic conditions thereby enhancing the natural biological cleaning process.

RYDALL WO Directions for Use:

RYDALL WO provides affordable wastewater contaminant, solids, H2S, and subsequent corrosion reduction. Introducing RYDALL WO to the WWTP’s stream stimulates and promotes various aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and enhances oxygen availability. This in turn has a positive impact on pH values, shifting the equilibrium away from sulfide generation and preventing production of corrosive sulfuric acid formations. Reduction of H2S helps eradicate associated odors and corrosion of piping and machinery. Please contact Apex Engineering Products Corporation concerning dosage recommendations for your specific application.

RYDALL WO is both economical and highly effective. Once the initial acclimation phase has been completed, further daily dosages act as boosters which continue the natural biological cleaning process. RYDALL WO should be applied on a continuous basis in order to maintain the effluent parameters required. The amount of RYDALL WO required is dependent on the aerobic or anaerobic conditions. Recommended dosages are 200 ppm in aerobic or 100 ppm in anaerobic conditions.

RYDALL WO Applications

RYDALL-WO-Wastewater-Treatment-PlantsWastewater Treatment Plants

RYDALL WO can be metered into the sewer lines feeding the WWTP’s or can be added into the WWTP directly. The amount of RYDALL WO that is required is dependent on the retention time and the aerobic or anaerobic condition of the system.




RYDALL WO can be introduced and mixed into the lagoon for both controlling odors and enhancing the dissolved oxygen levels. The increase in dissolved oxygen levels as well as the constituents of RYDALL WO promotes lower COD and TSS levels within the lagoon.



RYDALL-WO-Sludge-Handling-FacilitiesSludge Handling Facilities

RYDALL WO can be sprayed on sludge coming off the sludge dewatering equipment or can be metered into the sludge holding tanks. This can result in significantly reduced levels of atmospheric hydrogen sulphide in these facilities. H2S reduction rates of 95% are observed in most cases.




RYDALL WO can be used to prevent corrosion which commonly occurs in sewer lines. Metering RYDALL WO into these lines allows for the stabilization of the wastewater, which in turn disallows the formation of hydrogen sulfide.



RYDALL-WO-Other-ApplicationsOther Applications

Applications for RYDALL WO are practically limitless… food processing plants, slaughter houses and animal by-products, pulp and paper plants and any application that needs waste water treatment, corrosion control, odor control or methane enhancement.


RYDALL WO  comes in a variety of containers sizes…

  • 5-gallon Jug
  • 55-gallon Drum
  • 330-gallon Tote

Tanker or other bulk sizes available upon request.

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