Posted on: April 18th, 2024 by Apex Team

Tough on scale. Easy to maneuver.

Introducing the all new, redesigned
10CIP Industrial Descaling System for RYDLYME Descaler
Industrial Descaling System 10CIP

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14 Gallon Bucket
(3) 10′ Tygon Hoses
30 GPM at 25′ Head
1” Plumbing Throughout
½ HP Pump
10” Pneumatic Wheels

Quality parts. Quality features.

Secure 1” hose connection from equipment via Ipex tru-union valve and nipple.

Secure 1” hose connection to equipment via Ipex tru-union valve and nipple.

Ipex tru-union valve for assembly and disassembly.

Ipex tru-union bypass valve to separate bucket from reservoir.

Secure 1” hose connection for drainage/separate reservoir via Ipex tru-union valve and nipple.

10” pneumatic wheel for easy maneuvering on uneven surfaces.

GFCI on/off switch with outlet for onsite accessories.

25′ 14/3 extension cord.

Purpose built down pipe for controlled operation and open top 14 gallon bucket for venting & observing performance.

Manufactured to last.

The Industrial Descaling System 10CIP is a robust system that allows RYDLYME to be circulated throughout your water based system. Proudly manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified Facility in the USA.

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