Posted on: April 21st, 2022 by Apex Team

Choosing the Best Descaling System

What is a Descaling System? Choosing the Best Descaling System Made Easy.

A descaling system is a pump system designed to circulate descaling chemicals through machinery and appliances. Specifically, descaling systems are used to clean scale and other blockages from machine surfaces.

Descaling systems come in different sizes, primarily consisting of pump strength and circulation bucket capacity. Different descaling systems are available for large scale jobs, small scale jobs, and everything in between. Choosing the best descaling system can be made easy with the help of Apex Engineering Products.

Industrial Descaling System Pumps

The main part of a descaling system is the pump. Pumps are usually made specifically to circulate a particular chemical descaler (Apex Engineering pumps are made for RYDLYME chemical descaler). While many chemicals can be used with most descaling pumps, it is always recommended to use the brand specified by the pump manufacturer.

Descaling pump strength is often measured by Magnetic Drive Pump Only (MDO) which are seal-less ½ HP centrifugal-type units constructed with long lasting materials. MDO pumps are perfectly suited for circulating industrial descalers through machine & appliance systems. Pump strength not measured in MDO is usually specified by magnetic pumps of a particular voltage, horsepower, or gallons per minute (GPM).

Pump speed is typically measured by RPM designated by Hertz ( abbreviated hz, which means cycles per second).

Industrial Descaling System Circulation Buckets

Circulation buckets are used in industrial descaling systems to circulate the descaler to ensure efficiency. Descaling circulation systems connect a bucket to a pump through a hose or valve that will vary in size from model to model.

Bucket size for descaling systems is a pretty straightforward topic; larger buckets are made for larger jobs. A larger bucket allows increased circulation which allows more powerful pumps to work more efficiently. Buckets for industrial descaling systems typically range in 10-50 gallon sizes.

Clean-in-place systems are also available where descaling agents are cleaned-in-place before being recirculated to continue a cleaning procedure.

Industrial Descaling Components

A few other common components of industrial descaling systems include:

  • Carts with wheels (for larger or heavier systems)
  • Drum pumps (used for transferring chemicals to pumps)
  • Tubing (longer lengths can be needed for specific jobs)
  • Submersible pumps (for underwater jobs)

Every industrial descaling system will have strengths and weaknesses. It is essential to choose the right system for the right job. Using a system with more available options will make descaling different machines & appliances much easier.

Check out our YouTube channel for more descaling demonstrations!

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