Posted on: January 26th, 2023 by Apex Team

Cleaning Injection Molding Cooling Systems

Mold injection machines are expensive, so keeping them clean and running efficiently is a priority. One of the most important components of a mold injection machine is the cooling system. Cleaning injection molding cooling systems is made easy with RYDLYME.

Cooling systems keep mold injection machines from overheating and making them work too hard. This saves time and money.

So, how can you properly clean a mold injection machine cooling system?

Know Your Machinery

Before you start any industrial cleaning job, you need to know about the machines you are cleaning. Most industrial cleaning machinery jobs are performed by in-house technicians that know the machinery inside and out. Outside technicians are sometimes used, in which case knowing the machinery is priority number one.

Not just any cleaning solution can be used on cooling systems for mold injection machines. Many common industrial cleaning solutions are highly acidic and can damage certain parts of a cooling system. This is why needing to know your machinery is so important.

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Cleaning Mold Injection Cooling Systems with Descalers

The most common way to clean a mold injection cooling system is to flush it out with an industrial descaler. Descalers are used to removed scale & mineral buildups that occur naturally over time due to constant water flow.

Mold injection machines & systems are large and so are the cooling systems. In order to properly use descaling solutions to clean them, a complete descaling system will need to be used. Descaling systems are portable systems that cycle descaling solutions through a system to remove harmful buildups.

What are the Benefits of Regular Cooling System Cleaning?

When it comes to the cooling systems of mold injection machines, the main benefit is efficiency. Cooling systems can be used 50-75% of the time a mold injection system is running. Both time and money are saved through increased system efficiency brought on from regular cleaning and maintenance.

Systems that have cooling systems that are not regularly cleaned tend to overheat. This leads to lower flow capacity which can eventually lead to lower-quality products.

Even newer machines can be helped by scheduled cleanings. Flow rates from injection machines can increase 10% (or a bit over) just by cleaning with a quality descaling solution!

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