Posted on: May 6th, 2022 by Apex Team

Multi-Purpose Degreasing with RYDALL MP

What is Degreasing?

Degreasing is a cleaning process that removes grease, oil, and other soil particles from machinery, appliances, and other surfaces. Grease is typically used for lubrication to ensure mechanical units are functioning efficiently.

While grease and oil are not usually interchangeable in machinery, some degreasers are able to clean both oil and grease.

What is Grease?

In the sense of degreasing for cleaning, grease can include:

  • Carbon
  • Coffee
  • Dirt
  • Fingerprints
  • Grass Stains
  • Grease
  • Grime
  • Heavy Soils
  • Ink
  • Mildew Stains
  • Nicotine
  • Oil
  • Scuff Marks
  • Sludge
  • Tire Marks
  • Blood

Are Degreasers Safe?

How to Use RYDALL MP Degreaser

RYDALL MP is extremely easy to use, just follow these steps:

  1. Liberally spray on virtually any water washable surface and let sit for 20-30 seconds. 
  2. Wipe clean and rinse with water. 
  3. For stubborn stains, repeat the procedure.

It is as safe and simple as that! The reason for the short wait time is because the RYDALL MP is a highly effective oil and fat remover which is able to crawl under the residues on machines and equipment. 

This Multi-Purpose degreaser/cleaner includes specially modified additives for improved oil holding capacity, low foam and maximum surface wetting. When sprayed on the equipment, RYDALL MP starts to soak around and underneath the oily accumulations, lifting them from the surface allowing the deposits to be wiped and/or rinsed away!

Degreasing Dilution

RYDALL MP can be used to degrease in almost any cleaning situation. Simply follow the dilution chart below to get the desired strength*:

Degreasing Application Dilution
Automotive 1:1
Concrete 1:1
Dip Tanks 1:1
Engine Degreasing 1:1
Floors 1:1
Grease Filters & Traps 1:1
Lubricants 1:1
Machinery 1:1
Manufacturing Equipment 1:1
Oil Deposits 1:1
Parts Washing 1:1
Rig Wash 1:1
Aluminum 1:1 – 10:1
Chrome 1:1 – 10:1
General Cleaning 1:1 – 10:1
Decks 10:1
Diesel Fuel 10:1
Garbage Receptacles 10:1
Glass & Mirrors 10:1
Golf Clubs 10:1
Grout 10:1
Kitchens 10:1
Paint Preparation 10:1
Pressure Sprayers 10:1
Shoes 10:1
Showers, Tubs & Tile 10:1
Smoke & Soot 10:1
Vents 10:1
Windows 10:1
Floor Scrubbers 30:1

*in the cases of 1:1-10:1 you may need to add more solution for tough grease.

RYDALL MP Multi-Purpose Degreaser

All of our inventiveness and creativity went into the new RYDALL MP degreaser/cleaner. It is conveniently packaged as a green-colored and environmentally safe liquid. RYDALL MP comes packaged in a myriad of container sizes including:

  • 24 oz. spray bottles
  • 1 gallon jugs
  • 4×1 gallon cases
  • 5 gallon jugs
  • 55 gallon drums 
  • Other sizes (available upon request)

RYDALL MP has all the safety, simplicity, quickness, effectiveness, and multitude of applications to make it the perfect fit for your industrial. Try it the next time you have a use for bottle spraying, pressure washing, floor cleaning, or wherever you encounter oil, grease, soot, fat, grime, dirt, nicotine, or other kinds of pollutants found on all types of surfaces.

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