Posted on: February 25th, 2024 by Apex Team

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RYDALL HD for Hydrocarbon Buildup

Hydrocarbon buildup is a common issue in various types of industrial equipment, especially in sectors that deal with oil, gas and petrochemicals. This buildup can lead to increased energy, reduced flow rates/blockages and even equipment failure if not properly maintained. RYDALL HD Heavy Duty Degreaser is biodegradable and can help remove hydrocarbon buildup via circulation. Here are some types of industrial equipment that frequently encounter hydrocarbon buildup:

Heat Exchangers

Used in most industries, heat exchangers can accumulate hydrocarbon deposits, affecting heat transfer efficiency. 

Pipelines and Tubing

Pipelines transporting crude oil, natural gas or petrochemicals often see hydrocarbon buildup, which could lead to reduced flow rates and increased pressure. 

Storage Tanks

Tanks holding crude oil, refined petroleum products or chemicals can develop sludge and residue from hydrocarbons.

Oil Coolers

Used in hydraulic systems, these oil coolers can accumulate hydrocarbons which can impact flow rates.

Valves and Pumps

Components in fluid handling systems, including valves and pumps, can get clogged with hydrocarbons, impairing their intended operation and leading to blockages and maintenance issues.

Drilling Equipment

In the oil and gas industry, drilling equipment often encounters hydrocarbon building, impacting drilling efficiency and safety. 

Regular preventative maintenance and cleaning are crucial for this type of equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Techniques like heavy duty degreasing with RYDALL HD Heavy Duty Degreaser are commonly used to remove hydrocarbon deposits. 

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