Posted on: March 3rd, 2022 by Apex Team

The Apex Engineering Products 15MDC Industrial Descaling System for RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler is one of the most versatile and convenient descaling systems available.

The 15MDC system features:

  • Magnetic Drive Pump (seal-less 3-4 HP)
  • 1.5” IPEX True-Union valves
  • Easy-Access 1.5” hose connection TO equipment
  • A secure fitting valve FROM equipment
  • Purpose-built downpipes for controlled operation
  • Tote Suction/Rinse (easily add RYDLYME to the system!)
  • Bypass valve to regulate flow
  • 30-gallon open-top bucket for venting and visibility
  • Bottom drain to complete empty the bucket after use
  • (3) 10” Tygon Reinforced hoses (with 1.5” brass fittings)
  • 20’ electrical cord
  • Built-in GFCI outlet for onsite lighting & accessories
  • 2’x4’ mobile transportation cart with 2 8” swivel wheels and 2 8” rigid wheels (HDPE 2000 lb. weight capacity)

RYDLYME The World’s Leading Biodegradable Descaler

For more than 80 years, RYDLYME has been the most trusted brand for removing scale from boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, and so much more. If you have further questions pertaining to the effectiveness of “The World’s Leading Biodegradable Descaler,” RYDLYME, please feel free to contact our main office.