Posted on: April 14th, 2022 by Apex Team

Tips for Using Descaling Chemicals

Using industrial descaling chemicals for cleaning machine surfaces can be a lot of work. From using a new chemical to cleaning a different style of industrial machinery than you are used to, descaling can be a tough job. Here are tips for using descaling chemicals.

Although you should be trained in the use and function of any machinery or industrial systems you are cleaning, there are some general tips that can help most people out. Let’s split these general tips up into two categories.

Descaling Chemical Tips

This group of tips will focus on good practices to use with any industrial descalers or cleaners. Even if you’ve used a specific cleaner before, making sure you remember the small things is still important.

  • Be sure to have any safety gear you may need on hand. Safety goggles, different types of gloves, and other protective gear for any cleaning project should be on hand and easy to access.
  • Make sure to double check the safety labels and protocols.
  • Follow the directions exactly as they are listed by the manufacturer.
  • Have any extraneous disposal steps ready to go. If you are required to specially handle or dispose of a used cleaning agent, make sure you can do it in a timely manner.

Descaling Job Tips

Different types of industrial machinery require different cleaning methods and procedures. General tips can help anyone from a recently trained technician to a seasoned veteran remember what to look for at a new job site.

  • If you are a contracted worker make sure to check in with facility personnel before starting any cleaning job.
  • Have all the tools you’ll need for descaling jobs.
    • Chemical descaler
    • Required tubing
    • Disposal drums or containers
    • Special tools for specific jobs (wheeled carts for big jobs)
  • Look to make sure the machinery you are cleaning is what you are contracted to do. If the machinery doesn’t match the job, you may not be able to clean it safely.
  • Make sure the area where you will be working is clutter-free.
  • Be sure the machinery you are going to clean is not in use.
  • Clean up any messes.

While many of these tips may seem like common sense, it is still important to remember them. Not following directions or starting a cleaning project on a new type of machinery because you think you understand it can lead to major problems. Industrial machinery is expensive! Make sure you clean it right. Check out our YouTube channel for more descaling demonstrations!

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