Posted on: March 1st, 2023 by Apex Team

Industrial Descaling System 15MDC and RYDLYME

In industrial applications, equipment and systems are prone to scale buildup, which can negatively affect their performance and longevity. As a result, many industrial operators and maintenance personnel use the best descaling solution, RYDLYME, to remove mineral deposits and other unwanted materials from their equipment. However, the most efficient way to use RYDLYME is to circulate the solution through the scaled equipment. This is where the 15MDC industrial descaling system comes into play.

15MDC Industrial Descaling System RYDLYME

Industrial Descaling System 15MDC

The 15MDC industrial descaling system is a compact and portable system that is designed specifically for the use of RYDLYME. This system is built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, making it an effective and efficient solution for descaling various types of industrial equipment. The 15MDC system is easy to use and requires minimal setup time, making it a popular choice for industrial operators.

Key Features

One of the key features of the 15MDC system is its ability to control the flow rate of the RYDLYME solution. This gives the operator of the system complete control of the flow while circulating RYDLYME. The system also includes a recirculation tank, which allows the solution to be vented as well as giving the operator the ability to see bubbling and fizzing.

Where can the Industrial Descaling System 15MDC be used?

The 15MDC system is designed to be versatile and can be used with different types of equipment, including heat exchangers, boilers, and other industrial components. The system is also suitable for use in different industries, including power generation, pulp and paper, and food and beverage processing.

Another advantage of the 15MDC system is its portability. The compact design of the system allows for easy transportation, making it suitable for use in different locations. This feature is particularly useful for industrial operators who have multiple facilities and need to move the system between sites or between applications.

Safety First

In addition to its functionality, the 15MDC system is also built with safety in mind. The system includes safety features such as a GFCI wired and operated weatherproof switch, 20′ power cord and a drain valve.

Descale with the Best

The 15MDC industrial descaling system is an efficient and effective solution for the use of RYDLYME in various industrial applications. The system’s ability to control the flow rate of the RYDLYME solution, coupled with its versatility and portability, make it a popular choice among industrial operators. With the 15MDC system, industrial operators can effectively remove mineral deposits and other unwanted materials from their equipment, leading to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and prolonged equipment life.

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