Posted on: July 1st, 2022 by Apex Team

Large Cooling Tower Cleaning

Large cooling towers are used to efficiently cool air in commercial or industrial buildings. Cooling towers are designed based on the cooling load they are installed to service. This can lead to some massive cooling tower systems.

Keeping cooling towers running at maximum efficiency is crucial, especially for facilities in warmer areas (or most areas during hotter months). A dirty or stopped cooling tower can lead to uncomfortable or dangerous indoor environments. This is why making sure cooling towers are running optimally should be a top priority for anyone involved in building maintenance.

While most people assume machinery like cooling towers break down due to malfunctions or accidents, the most common reason for suboptimal performance is due to lack of cleaning. Dirty cooling towers underperform, which can lead to more energy be consumed without the necessary cooling. With dirty cooling towers, however, the cost & performance may be the least of your worries.

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The Importance of Cooling Tower Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial cooling towers are essentially large air scrubbers, used for both cooling and circulation. Due to the commercial setting, the air can be filled with germs, bacteria, and other contaminants brought into a facility by people.

Cooling towers can accumulate bacteria over time, which, if left untreated, can lead to many people getting sick. Scale and mineral deposits along with other oil or sludge buildups can magnify bacterial buildups along with making cooling towers underperform.

The combination of germs and suboptimal performance can be a disaster for property owners or managers. So, how can you avoid these situations?

Regular Cooling Tower Maintenance

Regular commercial cooling tower maintenance is an essential part of any annual (or more frequent) cleaning checklist. There are two crucial steps that need to be taken in order to efficiently clean a commercial cooling tower.

Treat for Bacteria & Other Contaminants

Before using descaling or other cleaning agents, a cooling tower needs to be treated for bacteria and other contaminants. Missing this step could lead to bacteria being spread around during the general cleaning process, as many descalers & cleaning agents are not formulated to remove them.

Descaling, Clean Clogs, Sludge, & Buildups

After treating a commercial cooling tower for bacteria, standard cleaning procedures can be conducted. Descaling solutions and circulation systems are one of the best ways to flush out tubes and remove scale deposits and other buildups. 

Descaling solutions can quickly and efficiently clean essential parts of cooling towers. Basins, spray nozzles, condensers, filters, and outlet/drain piping are all places where descalers can be used for optimal cleaning.

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