Posted on: February 9th, 2023 by Apex Team

Water Treatment & Pump Station Cleaning

Water treatment and pump station cleaning & maintenance is a job that can be easily mishandled. This is often due to the fact that water treatment facilities and pump stations need to be running 24/7, making it hard to find a good time for a deep clean.

The thing is, water treatment & pump stations need to be regularly serviced in order to work efficiently. Stations that hold off on regular maintenance may experience drastically decreased flow from a given facility.


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Cleaning Water Facilities Intermittently

Due to the integral nature of many water treatment facilities and pump stations, a full shutdown for maintenance won’t be an option. Luckily intermittently cleaning different parts of a facility over time can clean just as efficiently.

Cleaning different pieces of equipment or areas of a facility each on a regular schedule will allow for the same quality of cleaning that would happen if it was all done at once. Making sure a specific part of a facility won’t need to be used for a short period of time can allow for a crucial maintenance procedure to take place.

Why do Water Pumps Need to be Regularly Cleaned?

Pumps, treatment plants, and other facilities directly related to water are at high risk for developing scale and other buildups & deposits from minerals and related contaminants.

Water carries a lot of additional substances in it as it travels through treatment plants. Some of these substances stick to the pipes and can build up over time. If these deposits get large enough they can effectively decrease the diameter of a pipe–in turn decreasing efficiency.

Cleaning Water Pumps & Treatment Plants with Descalers

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of cleaning water facilities is by using industrial descaling solutions. Descaling solutions are chemical compounds designed to remove scale and other buildups from pipes.

Descalers are circulated through a portable descaling system, which breaks down and removes scale and other buildups. Descaling solutions are often extremely safe for cleaning and maintenance–which means easy clean-up and disposal.

Be sure that any descaler you use is compatible with the system you are cleaning. Some heavy-duty descalers can be actively harmful to piping systems & other components.

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